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Peñíscola recognized as one of the most beautiful villages of Spain will fascinate you . Come to know their culture and history , go into the old town and enjoy a real vacation by the sea.

The most beautiful beaches in Peñíscola can be found around its emblematic castle, Castillo del Papa Luna.
– Playa Norte: the main beach in Peñíscola. It is 5000 metres long and 90 metres wide.
– Playa Sur: a sand beach where to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze. It is 590 metres long and 40 metres wide.
– Playa Las viudas: the perfect beach, if you want to enjoy the peace of the sea, as it is not particularly crowded. It is 110 metres long and 15 metres wide.

The south area, the most unspoiled spot in Peñíscola, has spectacular views of both the sea, where you can enjoy the horizon, and the mountain. In this area there are a great number of coves, Cala Puerto, a sand beach, Cala Ordi, a pebble beach, Cala Badum, Cala El Volante, among others.

Besides all the beaches and coves on the coast of Peñíscola, you can enjoy Parque Natural de la Sierra de Irta, a 28-km-long natural park, which is one of the last unspoiled areas in the Mediterranean Sea. This spectacular natural park goes along the coastline from Peñíscola to Alcocebre, in the south of Peñíscola, In the natural park, there isnative animals and plants, cliffs, watchtowers, as Torre Badum, and magnificent castles, as Castillo de Santa Magdalena de Pulpis and Castillo de Alcalà de Xivert.

A mandatory visit is Castillo del Papa Luna, a templar-pontifical castle which was one of the three Pontifical seats, and the second most visited monument in Spain. Besides the castle, you can visit Ermitorio de la “Mare de Deu D’Ermitana”, a chapel which is home to the patron saint of Peñíscola; El Bufador, a natural tunnel dug in the rock which serves as the foundation of the town; El Museo de la Mar, a museum which pays tribute to the long seafaring tradition of Peñíscola; and Puerto Pesquero, where a large number of vessels can be found and fish capture is unloaded every day.

Besides these visits and thanks to its natural surroundings, you can go hiking along the many highlighted routes you can find in Peñíscola; go scuba diving in the coves of Sierra de Irta; feel the adrenaline with the 4×4 or Quads guided tours and rent jet skis, pedalos and canoes to enjoy the stunning views of the castle from sea level, among other activities.

In Peñíscola dishes are based on the long seafaring tradition of the town and the fish species richness in the area.

We highly recommend All i Pebre, a monkfish or octupus casserole with garlic and pepper; Suquet de peix or Remescló, a fish stew as well as shellfish such as date mussels, escargots, mussels, caixetes, langoustine and so on. Rice dishes, paella and fideuá are also essential dishes in the diet of this area.

By car: CN- 340 and motorway Ap 7 (exit 43)

By plane: 148 km from Valencia airport; 128 km from Reus airport; 216 km from Barcelona airport; 59 km from Vilanova – Castellón airport.

By sea: Valencia and Castellón.

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